JobScan Handheld Scanner

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Product Overview

What is JobScan?

JobScan is simple-to-use lean management software for your workshop. It offers total control of the life cycle of a job - from estimating to right through to delivery, helping you to save money and improve productivity.

What areas does it cover?

JobScan comes with 4 modules... Estimates & Quotations, The Job Manager, The Personnel Manager and The Materials Manager. Each module offers total control over its area and generates a wide range of reports to help improve your business. Please click each module to view a demonstration video.

How does it work?

When setting up JobScan a database is created with details of your materials , employees, suppliers, machines, tools, stock levels and much much more. This means that every element of your workshop is a mouse click away and all calculations, including job costs, markups and charge-out rates, are all worked out instantly.

In addition to this JobScan uses barcode technology to capture information such as employee's time & attendance and timesheets directly from the workplace. Materials and stock levels too are managed by barcode. This not only saves on paper work but also supplies you with up to the minute information on job progress, labour costs and employee productivity.

Who is it for?

JobScan is suited for companies with 2 to 100 employees and is perfect for Precision Engineerings, Joinery & Furniture, Fabricators, Repair & Service, Assemblers, Machine Builders, Sign Makers & many more.

Chart showing cycle of functions

JobScan powers the following Engineers, Fabricators, Joiners, Manufacturers & many more.: