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International number: 00 353 (1) 282 3688
Skype name: JobScan
Reports Include:
Stock Valuation Report
Slow Moving Stock Report
Materials to Restock Report
Material Shortage Report
Materials Required Report
Purchase Order Report
Purchase Receipts Report
Bill of Materials Report
Below is a 2 minute video demonstrating our Materials Manager module.

Play Materials Manager Video

The fourth module included in JobScan is the Materials Manager.

• Take complete control of your stock levels, costs and usage.

• Set unit costs, markup costs & minimum/maximum stock levels for all materials/parts.

• Create Supplier Purchase Orders & Goods Receipts.

• Single and Kit Issue materials to jobs

Reports controlled from here include (shown on right)

A materials to restock report

A stock valuation report

A slow moving stock report

A purchase order status report

A report containing all receipts from suppliers

A material shortage report

And a Materials still to Issue Report

JobScan powers the following Engineers, Fabricators, Joiners, Manufacturers & many more.: