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International number: 00 353 (1) 282 3688
Skype name: JobScan
Reports Include:
Gross Margin Report
Open Job Report
Full Job Analysis Report
Full Job Analysis Report 2
Resource Loading Report
Work In Progress Report
Job Card
Below is a 2 minute video demonstrating our Job Manager Module.

Play Job Manager Video

The second module included in JobScan is the Job Manager.

• Instantly track the progress & costs on live jobs

• Create multiple item jobs/orders from existing estimates, quotations or from scratch

• Print Barcoded Job Cards to manage all labour hours and materials

• View Performance & Profitability reports on all previous Jobs

• View capacity loadings for each work centre

• Control deliveries to customers or stock

• Export links to accounts packages

Reports include: (see right)

— The Open Jobs Report which shows the status of all live jobs

— The Job Analysis Report which gives a full history of the job including employee times, wage costs, materials usage and cost, profitability and hourly recovery rate.

—The Resource Loading report which shows the hours outstanding at each workcentre / resource to complete the jobs in selected date ranges.

—The WIP Progress Report which shows the cost of the materials and labour consumed to date on all live jobs.

— The Gross Margin Report

JobScan powers the following Engineers, Fabricators, Joiners, Manufacturers & many more.: