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Reports Include:
Employee Activity Report
Time & Attendance Report
Below is a 2 minute video demonstrating our Personnel Manager Module.

Play Personnel Manager Video

The third module included in JobScan is the Personnel Manager.

• Total control over your workforces hours, costs and progress.

• Instant information on employee attendance, timesheets, and productive & non-productive times.

• Simple barcode technology used to capture realtime workplace information.

• Improves accuracy and eliminates written time sheets & manual data entry.

Reports include: (see right)

— a detailed Employee Activity Report

— a Time & Attendance report

— a full Job Analysis Report

We have also developed a simpler version of JobScan called JobScanLITE which deals exclusively with the Personnel Manager. More info on this can be seen on our sister site Bariant.com.

JobScan powers the following Engineers, Fabricators, Joiners, Manufacturers & many more.: